What is A/B Testing ?

Remember at school when we grew runner beans in jam jars with a piece of rolled up blotting paper? We placed one in a dark cupboard, one we didn’t water, one we put somewhere cold and another we placed in the sun and watered daily. The exercise was to determine how each element affected the plant’s growth. After a couple of weeks the conclusion was that plants need light, warmth and water to grow! Well A/B testing is pretty much the same – though experimenting with just two variants at a time and testing small differences.

Also known as ‘split testing’, A/B testing brings scientific methodology to marketing and removes the guesswork. It provides data-backed decisions and can be used across a range of communications and considering many variables. In 2000, Google famously used A/B testing to ascertain the optimum number of search results to show on its listings pages – the rest is history! Continue reading “What is A/B Testing ?”

Buyer Personas For Better Marketing Messages

Amy is 35 years old. She’s just been promoted to Marketing Manager at the SaaS company she works for. She learned the ropes as a marketing assistant for the last few years – but the owners of the company expect a lot from her in her new role. Her first order of business: improving the effectiveness of the company’s marketing.

Amy isn’t a real person.

She’s a persona: a representation of an ideal buyer.

Why does Amy exist in my mind (and above on this page)?

Because I can’t write without her.

Here’s the thing about copywriting and content creation: Writing for a group of people is a recipe for failure.

When you write for a large group of people, the message gets watered down because it’s trying to address too many different needs. Or it misses the mark completely because it’s unfocused. It’s the equivalent of trying to hit 10 dartboards with a single dart. As any great conversion copywriter will tell you: Continue reading “Buyer Personas For Better Marketing Messages”

Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini

It is a question that keeps chief executives, marketing directors, shop owners and market traders awake at night: how do you persuade people to buy your business’s products and services?

The thousands of answers to that question include holding a sale, giving away free samples and creating a memorable television advert.

Yet one business thinker, Dr Robert Cialdini, author of the bestselling 1984 book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, says that these thousands of methods can be distilled down into just six principles: reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consensus, commitment and liking.

Because these principles can be recreated, they can be used like a recipe. Although influence and persuasion have been around for over 4,000 years since Ancient Greece and Cialdini’s book is nearly 30 years old, its ideas are still valid today and are used by businesses and organisations around the world

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Instagram Marketing Tips For The Social Marketer

Instagram is steadily turning out to be one of the most popular and engaging social media apps. With over 8 million registered business accounts, it has become a proven social media platform for marketing and brand building. About 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day by its huge, active user base that you, as a business, can tap into.

It’s worth noting that nearly 60% of Instagram users fall in 18-19 age group. This is a highly valuable demographic for businesses that are trying to build a viable audience. Which also makes Instagram extremely competitive. But with a well-planned marketing strategy and a firm brand identity, your business can get the right kind of exposure.

In the following article, we will be looking into a few Instagram marketing tips that will help you get real world results.

Instagram Marketing Tip #1: Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

Before you embark on your Instagram marketing journey, make sure to an Instagram Business Account.

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Your First Facebook Marketing Campaign

I. Advertising Is an Investment

Remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? In the fairy tale, a boy trades his family’s source of food and income — a cow — for magic bean seeds. Angered by her son’s foolishness, his mother tosses the seeds out the window. For a moment, joke’s on mom. Overnight those tiny seeds sprout into a giant beanstalk that stretches high into the clouds.

Most people expect beanstalk growth from their Facebook ad campaigns. They forget there’s an evil giant lurking in those clouds. Instead, they bank on big magic. Speed. Results. They create a campaign, spend $100, and anticipate $10,000 returns. Continue reading “Your First Facebook Marketing Campaign”

Twitter Content Strategy

Create your Twitter content strategy

Compelling content will help you attract new followers and keep them engaged over time.

There’s no right or wrong number of times you should Tweet each day, or when. Instead, focus on creating a regular cadence of content that’s relevant to your target audience and authentic to your business.

Need some inspiration? Here are five best practices to help you create Tweets that spark conversations and keep your audience engaged.

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B2B Lead Generation Tactics

Let’s face it, a crucial part of acquiring customers for your product or service is getting more people to know about it. No matter how good your product is, if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. This post will help you get whatever your B2B company is selling in front of as many people as possible and the strategies are guaranteed to help you generate new B2B sales leads.

You don’t have to have the best product. You don’t have to be the cheapest provider. You don’t even have to have the best service. To succeed, all you have to be is the best seller.

In order to sell effectively, you’ll need to constantly generate high-quality leads that you can convert to customers: leads that your salespeople can take, contact, meet and make sales with. This can even be fully automatic but your leads still need to be high quality. Continue reading “B2B Lead Generation Tactics”

Successful Email Lead Generation Campaigns Critical Checklist

Over the last few years, email has proven itself to be one of the most effective tools available to Internet marketers. Even with the rise of social media marketing and other more complex strategies, email marketing retains a strong track record of success.

To get the most out of email marketing, however, it’s important to create a comprehensive campaign that efficiently generates leads for your business while minimizing costs. Today, we’ll explore eight key tips to help you along the way while simultaneously building your opportunities as a business. Continue reading “Successful Email Lead Generation Campaigns Critical Checklist”

How Sales Funnels Work

The whole idea of a sales funnel is to bring people through the buying process, in order to make them lifelong customers to your business.

The Online World

The idea of the “sales funnel” or “purchase funnel” has existed long before the Internet (1898 [Wiki]) – it’s essentially how businesses are run.

However, in “Internet speak”, we tend to refer to sales funnels as a process, or system, that’s streamlined with the help of automation and other tools.

By utilizing the tools and resources available, individuals and small businesses are able to multiply their revenue with much greater ease than in the pre-Internet days.

Ultimately, the concept remains the same while the “how” has changed (for the better!) Continue reading “How Sales Funnels Work”