Content Marketing Essentials for Small Businesses

Many small businesses believe (or hope) that creating a Facebook and Twitter page will get them more sales fast. WRONG. Just having a presence on social media is simply not good enough. It takes time and genuinely interesting content to gain the attention of your target audience.

There’s an element of chicken and egg about this. You need the search engines to rank you highly but they won’t do that if your site is static and the content doesn’t change. You need to demonstrate expertise and insight and provide regular, fresh and useful content then tell people about it. I’m often asked whether this is giving away the family jewels. I prefer to call it ‘give to get’. To some extent, you have to showcase your knowledge. Not everyone will be in position to take your advice anyhow and a percentage of those that simply don’t have the time will make an enquiry. Continue reading “Content Marketing Essentials for Small Businesses”