Buyer Personas For Better Marketing Messages

Amy is 35 years old. She’s just been promoted to Marketing Manager at the SaaS company she works for. She learned the ropes as a marketing assistant for the last few years – but the owners of the company expect a lot from her in her new role. Her first order of business: improving the effectiveness of the company’s marketing.

Amy isn’t a real person.

She’s a persona: a representation of an ideal buyer.

Why does Amy exist in my mind (and above on this page)?

Because I can’t write without her.

Here’s the thing about copywriting and content creation: Writing for a group of people is a recipe for failure.

When you write for a large group of people, the message gets watered down because it’s trying to address too many different needs. Or it misses the mark completely because it’s unfocused. It’s the equivalent of trying to hit 10 dartboards with a single dart. As any great conversion copywriter will tell you: Continue reading “Buyer Personas For Better Marketing Messages”

Customer Journey Discovery

Nearly every day, consumers engage with brands, but how they engage, when they engage, and why they engage is unique to each person. Successful marketers know that having a great product and solution alone won’t bring you new business. To attract and retain customers, marketers must also focus on the customer experience, and today this means building a relationship with your audience through every stage of the customer journey. Continue reading “Customer Journey Discovery”