Instagram Marketing Tips For The Social Marketer

Instagram is steadily turning out to be one of the most popular and engaging social media apps. With over 8 million registered business accounts, it has become a proven social media platform for marketing and brand building. About 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day by its huge, active user base that you, as a business, can tap into.

It’s worth noting that nearly 60% of Instagram users fall in 18-19 age group. This is a highly valuable demographic for businesses that are trying to build a viable audience. Which also makes Instagram extremely competitive. But with a well-planned marketing strategy and a firm brand identity, your business can get the right kind of exposure.

In the following article, we will be looking into a few Instagram marketing tips that will help you get real world results.

Instagram Marketing Tip #1: Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

Before you embark on your Instagram marketing journey, make sure to an Instagram Business Account.

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