How Sales Funnels Work

The whole idea of a sales funnel is to bring people through the buying process, in order to make them lifelong customers to your business.

The Online World

The idea of the “sales funnel” or “purchase funnel” has existed long before the Internet (1898 [Wiki]) – it’s essentially how businesses are run.

However, in “Internet speak”, we tend to refer to sales funnels as a process, or system, that’s streamlined with the help of automation and other tools.

By utilizing the tools and resources available, individuals and small businesses are able to multiply their revenue with much greater ease than in the pre-Internet days.

Ultimately, the concept remains the same while the “how” has changed (for the better!) Continue reading “How Sales Funnels Work”

Sales Funnels and Why It Matters

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a visual metaphor for the path taken by a potential customer as he or she moves towards becoming a customer. Frequently used by sales and marketing organizations, the sales funnel helps companies understand and visualize their sales process and measure overall conversion success between each step of the funnel.

A sales funnel is shaped like an inverted pyramid, similar to real-world funnels, to which the metaphor alludes. The width of each part of the funnel reflects the audience size, with the top of the funnel being the widest and the bottom being the smallest. Continue reading “Sales Funnels and Why It Matters”